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KoringbergRiebeek Valley

Discover Koringberg

A break from materialism to connect with humans, friends, and family.

Koringberg is a beautifully picturesque and relaxing town and popular for residents and visitors alike, who just wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, even just for a night or two.

Careful though! It is not uncommon for visitors to end up as residents as the sense of community, peace and friendship which is found throughout town, reminds one of times when deadlines, meetings, fast cars and money were not as important as they are in our modern times.

Riebeek Valley

Award winning beauty, combined with iconic South African wines, well respected restaurants, artists and stunning accommodation options. 

A short 80-kilometre drive from Cape Town, the town was named after Jan van Riebeek and founded in 1661. Residents and visitors alike are spoilt by the areas breath-taking beauty, as Kasteelberg looms large, dominating the scenery along with the Winterhoek mountain range on the northern side of the valley.

Lots to see, lots to do, good food, fantastic wines, and accommodation. That’s us in a nutshell, come see for yourself!

Our Pick 

Our weekly pick of the best package in the Swartland

Every week the staff, friends, family, cats, dogs and chickens gather around a table filled with koeksisters, moer koffie and rusks (the chicken loves the rusks), and debate furiously what the best deal is we can put together for you. It is hard work! Maar iemand moet dit doen!

The result is usually a package that we feel will be good value for money, as well as giving you, the visitor the chance to experience the Swartland as we know it, the Swartland we love and have a deep passion for.

Check the details below and then as they say, kliek hier!

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