I’m Mitchell Reed

Art Direction | Digital Design
Creative Strategy | Visual Production

About me



I have 5 years of experience with working in the digital industry.

I started out as an Art Director with a focus on conceptualising, designing and executing digital creatives for may different brands and industries.

Since then, I have moved more into a visual production and creative strategy role which includes the production of large scale digital assets through most digital platforms.

With a big focus on creative strategy and identifying new and exciting advances and innovations that take a brands creatives to the next level, boosting brand awareness, engagement and overall conversions. 

creative strategy


When I first started working in the EdTech industry in 2019, there was a big focus on bulk delivery of assets. This introduced the creations of templated designs for each education partner, this allowed for a streamlines process of leaving thousands of designs within one day. The cost of this approach was quality, communication and creative fatigue. 

My main goal was to strategise a way in which, this streamed lined and templated approach could be altered to spark some innovation and increase creative variety so the creatives could stand out from the crowd and suppose those of competitors

With working in strict requirements, We implemented many changes to the creatives and closely watched how it performed. I’m happy to say we have seen growth on all the variations we have created. 

Below is small showcase of the timeline and visual representation of the strategy that was implemented. 


Creatives used a mix of education partners images and stock images with a basic holding shape to support a direct product communication.

We found that communication and visuals become stagnant quickly with this approach.



With mobile and video becoming a major focus, we needed to move into a more innovative space. This led to the development of creatives that explored. The use of animation, video stock and in some cases custom colour overlays to create division between brands and products.

Communication was focused on and we moved away from direct communication and implemented a more personal and aspirational form of communication.

We saw significant improvement in performance once these creatives went live.



We further grew on the ideas that we had and spent time to refine them to be an innovative and graphically strong creative
We used custom made overlays that worked within in the stock image, these overlays are both static and animated
This allows the creatives to become much more visually powerful, further the communication of the brand and create a link of communication between all the different components within the creative.

Visual production


Over the the last 3 years, I have worked on 32+ education partners. There was some similarities between them but each one had is own CI, brand legacies and forms of communication. 

We aimed to create a standard of creative offerings that could be tailored to each education partner.  This was achieved by offering three forms of  creatives: Image or video, custom illustration and a copy based pattern layout. 

By increasing the creative offering we showed an improvement in engagement, brand awareness and conversions.

Below are some examples of the creative I have worked on.



A big part of my role was looking at how concepts can be brought into the digital space. These creatives showcase some prototypes that I have worked on and pitched to clients. MIT and LSE focusing high impact and interactive designs that explore the digital aspect of the product offering while using innovative masking tools to support the communication. FNB showcasing its digital strength with a festive season based campaign that promotes brand awareness, through a display banner that can act forum to send messages. MyCiti and Travel Start exploring a html version of  travel routes  and holiday packages available these are            based on location. 


Mitchell is a great colleague and professional in his craft. He exceeds expectations consistently and is simply a pleasure to work with. I’m proud to say that I have met him in my career and look forward to celebrating his future achievements.

—  Wynand Putter, Marketing Lead

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Mitchell throughout his career and used our unique perspectives to improve the performance of our paid media campaigns under tight deadlines and in a high pressure environment.We also collaborated when putting together new business pitches and Mitchell’s concepts would often be the stand out point of focus for clients. I can say confidently that he will be a valuable addition to any team and I have no doubt that he will excel in any creative environmment.

— Cara-Lee Arendse, Senior Paid Director

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