Advocate of the High Court

Liability Dispute Solutions


Stephen has since obtaining his law degree in 1992, consulted to various industries including mining, wood and pulp, chemical and petro-chemical on occupational health and safety, environmental legislation and risk management. He represented these industries in numerous inquiries by the Regulators or Courts.

In 2001, Stephen took the position as Company Secretary within a London based multi-national FTSE listed company where he headed the risk, legal, insurance and compliance functions and acted as an Advisory Board member to FM Global, a USA based global insurer.

In 2016, he returned to South Africa and headed up the risk and compliance function within the Insurance Intermediary to three of the largest retailers in South Africa. During this time, he negotiated and litigated over 3500 liability disputes on behalf of retail groups, or their liability insurers.

In 2019, Stephen qualified as a Mediator and in 2021 he was admitted as an Advocate to the High Court. He pursues a strong interest in the application of alternative dispute resolution approaches to seeking amicable outcomes to liability disputes, for all concerned as well as litigation where suitable.


Personal injury defense


Medical Malpractice defense


Occupational Health and Safety inquiries


Consumer Protection Act disputes



Dispute Mediation; (As process such as mediation can bring a liability dispute to an amicable conclusion through agreement and conclusion of a binding mediation contract) 


Liability Defense Litigation (Mediation can be an unsuitable process for concluding a dispute, or an attempt at mediation can fail, at which point the parties are likely to decide to pursue their dispute in a Court. As an admitted Advocate, Stephen will act on behalf of the defendants)

Liability Assessment Reports to Insurers or Defendants; (often, defendants or their insurers benefit from a report which provides a view on the merits of the dispute, the quantum demanded, or a suitable quantum for settlement – such reports can guide on next best steps, or be included as evidence during litigation procedures)


Liability Investigations and Opinions; (often there is value in merely compiling the relevant facts and supporting evidence, such as medical reports, photographs, CCTV Footage and other incident related documentation)